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Flooring Solutions opened in January of 2002 as a floor prep contractor and underlayment installer. We install all different types of cementitious and gypsum underlayment as well as moisture mitigation systems in many different settings such as; gymnasiums, educational institutions, television studios, healthcare facilities, MRI rooms, corporate/retail, multi-family housing and much more.

We have worked with large and small general contractors across New England and nation-wide along with many commercial and residential flooring contractors because of the quality of work Flooring Solutions can provide. As an ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer we can also provide extended warranties for product installation.

Along with underlayment systems and moisture mitigation, we also install epoxy floors and finished concrete floors such as ARDEX PC-T which is a polishable topping. Although we do not sell traditional flooring such as wood, ceramic tile, carpet, etc., we are often brought in to provide alternate solutions.

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54c Vermont Ave, Warwick, RI 02888